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Signature Initiatives

Signature Initiatives address issues and opportunities that emerge over the course of the campaign, leveraging our strengths to remain responsive to the times and needs of the people.

Campaign Funding Priorities

Signature Initiative Funding Priorities

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A Red, White and Carolina Blue Connection

“As a military leader, you’re taught to take care of your troops…”


Saving Sacred Portals

The Yucatán peninsula is like an enormous sponge...

Global Impact

A Global Mission

"I am a strong believer that a great university needs to have outstanding global capabilities and a mission to prepare its students to compete in the global world we all live in."


A Positive Influence

"I think it can just help sometimes for them to see how successful their kid can be can be if they get the right intervention, the right therapies if they’re really advocating for their child."


Challenging invisibility

Have you ever sat down with the older generation in your community to ask questions about their lives?


A Skill Set For North Carolina

"I truly enjoy helping medicine and helping people, so I feel like I can now take those skill sets and employ that here in North Carolina and to an underserved population"