Funding Priority

Providing Public Service That Strengthens the University’s Connection to Community and Contributes to the Common Good

Funds to expand the capacity of the Center to amplify the University's mission of, and commitment to, serving North Carolina and beyond. Support for disaster assistance, infrastructure, community engagement and service opportunities are key investments in bringing the expertise of the University to bear more nimbly, compassionately and collaboratively in times of crisis and prosperity.

Carolina Center for Public Service

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    Honoring Carolina’s commitment to service

    "Thanks to [the Buckleys], we can support more students committed to public service..."


    CCPS: ‘Of the Public, for the Public’

    For the past 20 years, the Carolina Center for Public Service (CCPS) has elevated the University’s commitment to meeting the needs of North Carolinians. 


    Learning From Peers, Seeing New Possibilities

    "It has helped me see possibilities I hadn't envisioned before."


    It takes a neighborhood

    "Out there, we are all one."


    A Spring Break of Service

    Since 2009, Vicki Mercer, an associate professor of physical therapy in the UNC School of Medicine, has taken students — studying either physical therapy, nursing or public health — to Tyrrell County, one of the poorest and most rural counties in the state, for spring break.


    Seeking Better Connection

    When Dr. Coretta Jenerette noticed that patients with Sickle Cell Disease (SCD) were being stigmatized as drug-seeking, she took action.