Funding Priority

Providing Public Service That Strengthens the University’s Connection to Community and Contributes to the Common Good

Funds to expand the capacity of the Center to amplify the University's mission of, and commitment to, serving North Carolina and beyond. Support for disaster assistance, infrastructure, community engagement and service opportunities are key investments in bringing the expertise of the University to bear more nimbly, compassionately and collaboratively in times of crisis and prosperity.

Carolina Center for Public Service

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    Purshotam Aruwani
    Student Support

    A Summer in Public Safety

    Carolina student treated like a full-time employee during his summer internship.

    Abby and Wake County Commissioner
    Student Support

    Shaping National Issues on a Local Level

    APPLES Service-Learning summer internship influences local policies

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    Case of the Contaminated Current

    Thorp Scholar conducts research that will impact the health of an entire community.

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    Serving across a Spectrum

    Students completing service projects in partnership with communities affected by ASD


    Honoring Carolina’s commitment to service

    "Thanks to [the Buckleys], we can support more students committed to public service..."


    CCPS: ‘Of the Public, for the Public’

    For the past 20 years, the Carolina Center for Public Service (CCPS) has elevated the University’s commitment to meeting the needs of North Carolinians.