Funding Priority

Prepare Tomorrow’s Experts

At UNC Autism Research Center, we are dedicated to educating the next generation of autism experts. What if we could detect autism in infants? What if we could develop personalized treatment for each individual on the spectrum? What if we could scale the autism treatments we develop at Carolina to reach those individuals who typically can’t access treatment? We can with your support.

UNC Autism Research Center

    With improved outcomes and personalized interventions at the heart of our mission, the center will prepare the next generation of autism researchers through a prestigious post-doctoral program. The program will underpin two key objectives: accelerate connectivity and synergy between the core areas of research and train the next generation of interdisciplinary autism researchers.

    Selected post-doctoral candidates will train in all three research areas — basic, clinical and intervention — and work on projects that involve at least two of three core areas. Their experience at the center will lay the foundation for advances in Autism Spectrum Disorder research far into the future with impact felt locally and globally.

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