Funding Priority

Maximize the Student Experience

The strength of both our undergraduate and graduate programs is critical to the overall student experience at the school. We will secure and expand the fellowships and stipends available for national and international scholars to further their research. The School of Media and Journalism is committed to providing national and global immersion opportunities to all of our students. Immersive experiences transform and deepen students’ understanding of how to communicate effectively with diverse communities. We will expand these life-changing experiences in and out of the classroom.

UNC School of Media and Journalism

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    Student Support

    Pursuing passions

    “I’m a first-generation college student, and college was definitely in the plans because my mom knew the importance of education.”


    Changing The Media Landscape

    The media industry is a rapidly changing one. A gift from the Curtis Foundation will ensure Carolina media and journalism students adapt to those changes.

    Carolina 225

    Karen L. Parker

    Parker became the first black female undergraduate to enroll at the University and graduated in 1965...

    Carolina 225

    W. Horace Carter

    His writing resulted in more than 100 convictions of Klansmen and earned him the 1953 Pulitzer Prize for meritorious public service...

    Carolina 225

    Recoding the Boys’ Club

    The first in-depth study of women’s experiences working in political technology at the presidential campaign level.

    Faculty Support

    Turning Creative Dreams Into Workroom Realities

    “It is the living definition of a blank canvas...”