Funding Priority

Lead for North Carolina

Local governments are being asked to address increasingly complex issues with few resources. They are struggling to prepare for a large percentage of impending staff retirements and are searching for a talent pool that reflects the diversity of their communities. Lead for North Carolina, a pilot program, aims to recruit, train, and place the state’s most promising young leaders in two-year paid fellowships in local governments. With help from strategic partners, this program will create a new generation of public service leaders as well as strengthen our public institutions and support our local communities.

    In its first year, Lead for North Carolina will recruit and select up to 40 fellows—most of them either from North Carolina and/or graduates from UNC System schools—and place them in local governments across the state beginning in September 2019. Fellows are specifically placed in small towns and counties across the state where the challenges are many and the need for young talent and ideas is significant.

    Over the course of two years, fellows will gain perspective and appreciation for local government, understand the most pressing issues that face our communities, learn to enact communal and systemic change, and gain opportunities to engage with a growing network of passionate colleagues. This new workforce will gain a perspective and appreciation of local government and will become the next generation of public leaders in North Carolina.

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