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Innovation and Impact

Carolina’s collaborative culture and multidisciplinary research drives discoveries and innovative solutions. As a leading global public research university, we strive to improve outcomes and the quality of life for all. And we do it while educating the next generation of leaders, preparing them to meet tomorrow’s challenges in North Carolina and beyond.

A Culture of Innovation

Two core tenets, “Of the Public for the Public” and “Innovation Made Fundamental,” combine Carolina’s history of service to the state and its people with a willingness to evolve and respond. With accomplishments ranging from building the first astronomical observatory at a university in the U.S. to developing antiretrovirals that prevent HIV transmission by 96% — Carolina’s innovation and impact enriches the lives of people in our state, our nation and our world.

UNC Research: Tackling COVID-19

From the labs to in the community, UNC celebrates the tireless efforts and ongoing work of the Carolina COVID-19 researchers and responders in this short video documenting their wide-ranging work.


Carolina is the most cited U.S. university for coronavirus research.

Urgency of Now


Testing a Vaccine

The medical director of the HIV Cure Center is leading a clinical research team to conduct a large phase 3 trial for a COVID-19 vaccine.


Grant arms UNC-Chapel Hill with technology to accelerate COVID-19 research

A game-changing grant in a global pandemic


Public Policy to Save Lives

“Until we come up with a vaccine … policies will determine what happens.”

    Carolina’s specialized subject librarians bring in collections from around the world and lead University Libraries’ research partnerships.

    Research and Creativity

    Chancellor's Science Scholar Jasmine Akoto stands outside on the campus of UNC-Chapel Hill.

    ‘The Best Decision of My Life’

    Chancellor's Science Scholar Jasmine Akoto '22 has conducted research at Johns Hopkins and in three labs at Carolina.

    Diamond Holloman, a PhD candidate at UNC-Chapel Hill, listens to Malinda Maynor Lowery, co-director of Southern futures at a meeting in a community center in Robeson County.

    The Human Side of Research

    An interdisciplinary team of humanities students and faculty are documenting climate change in Robeson County.


    Research Makes a World of Difference

    Our scientific research aims to help make the world a better, healthier place. Our discoveries have saved countless lives and have the potential to save even more.


    Small Patients, Small Doses

    Bringing safety and assurance that currently doesn’t exist

    Global Impact

    Sustaining Families in the Galapagos Islands

    UNC Center for Galapagos Studies is reactivating the Galapagos economy through science, community and work.


    Creating more equitable makerspaces

    How the structure of makerspaces encourages or inhibits participation

      Carolina’s network of makerspaces serve almost 4,000 students a year.

      Innovation and Entrepreneurship


      Clean Water for All

      “From chemistry to physics to engineering, if we all team up, we have the expertise to tackle this.”


      Innovate Carolina: Projects to Watch

      Innovate Carolina moves more ideas into the world faster to solve the world’s problems and strengthen the economy.


      Sweet idea, new invention

      A knee injury led William Sweet '20 to an entrepreneurial brainstorm.

        Solving Problems and Strengthening the Economy

        Carolina’s inventive problem-solvers move ideas into the world fast to solve the most complex social, scientific and economic challenges in North Carolina and beyond.

        Support Our Research

        Contributions to the UNC COVID-19 Research Accelerator Fund are quickly dispersed where needed most to accelerate existing research capacity and advance new projects. Support our critical research teams focused on COVID-19 testing, treatment and prevention.

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