Funding Priority

Innovation and Impact

The Culture of Innovation builds on a collaborative culture already strong among the faculty, particularly in areas such as applied physical sciences, computational sciences and biomedical engineering. Four priorities will keep us at the forefront of every research horizon and focused on impact in everything we do. They span many disciplines, and funding them will ensure we tackle the world’s biggest problems from many angles.

Campaign Funding Priorities

Innovation and Impact Funding Priorities

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A Student Startup For Maternal Health

"We'd consider ourselves successful if we're able to help even a couple of people."


An Investment In People

"This is an opportunity for us to continue our work investing in excellent education for the benefit of the entire state."


Drug delivery device toxic for tumors, not patients

"It's an exciting approach; we hit the tumor hard with little toxicity, leaving room for other therapy."


A new home for recovery

"Horizons knew what I was capable of before I could even imagine it."


A Catalyst for Recovery

"I have empathy for the loneliness that must be an everyday experience..."

Global Impact

From the Ground Up

"The only way to make these programs work is to be on the ground..."