Funding Priority

Innovation and Impact

The Culture of Innovation builds on a collaborative culture already strong among the faculty, particularly in areas such as applied physical sciences, computational sciences and biomedical engineering. Four priorities will keep us at the forefront of every research horizon and focused on impact in everything we do. They span many disciplines, and funding them will ensure we tackle the world’s biggest problems from many angles.

Campaign Funding Priorities

Innovation and Impact Funding Priorities

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“Thank you, Carolina.”

“I gained the confidence to put thoughts and images on a page and share them with others.”

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The health issues faced by North Carolinians — from Murphy to Manteo, in rural areas and metropolitan ones — reflect many of the issues faced by the citizens of the world.


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What if nanotechnology could be used to extract minerals from water so effectively that mining became obsolete?

Carolina 225

200 Years of Carolina Chemists

Carolina's Chemistry department celebrates its 200th anniversary this year.

Carolina 225

When Weaker is Better

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