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Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Technology

As a leading innovator, the UNC School of Education creates new learning technologies that increase accessibility for students across the state, nation and world. We offer new, high-quality and rigorous training that blends innovation, professional expertise and entrepreneurship to set the standard for 21st-century education.

UNC School of Education

    Solving by Evolving

    Technology is rapidly changing the world, and it’s not enough for classrooms to just keep up. New technologies influence the modern classroom on every level, fundamentally altering the way 21st-century learners consume information. The UNC School of Education is not only researching new technology but developing innovative ways to educate, arming students, teachers and schools with the most updated tools and solutions.

    Keith Sawyer has Atari to thank for his love of computer science; for the first two years of his career, he designed video games for the iconic brand. His path eventually led him to Carolina, where he now researches collaboration and learning, and the influence creativity has on educational methods. Keith invents ways to challenge students in the Master’s in Educational Innovation, Technology, and Entrepreneurship program, where they use cutting-edge technology and the science of learning to create entrepreneurial ventures. Whether it’s with internet-based applications, tablet computers, science centers or community organizations, students here are building the educational methods of the future.


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    Carolina Covenant Scholar Matthew Wood runs the steps at the football stadium at UNC-Chapel Hill.
    Student Support

    Graduating debt-free? ‘That’s crazy!’

    Thanks to the Carolina Covenant, "I get to attend one of the most prestigious universities in the country, and I’m going to graduate debt-free. That’s crazy!”


    Promoting Equitable Education

    Student and Faculty team win awards for education finance research

    Carolina alumnus Will Jung conducts an orchestra.
    Global Impact

    Bridging Music and Language

    A Carolina alumnus applies his experience with Chinese folk music to the UNC World View Fellows Program, providing K-12 and community college educators with global professional development opportunities.

    School of Education

    Transforming Education

    Preparing students to solve problems in any field

    Elaine Townsend Utin and Ricky Hurtado

    Creating Opportunities

    “An education system in North Carolina that truly serves everyone … ”


    Autism Advice

    Advice on children and young adults with autism