Funding Priority

Improve the Quality of Life for Vulnerable Children

We are committed to understanding the complex biological, psychological, social, and environmental factors that affect child and adolescent development, and to accelerating the discovery and implementation of programs that strengthen children, families, and communities. Additional resources for outreach and dissemination will help us to promote early adoption of promising strategies and maximize their impact for the children and families who need it the most.

UNC Frank Porter Graham Child Development Institute

    FPG has a long history of providing professional development and technical assistance for caregivers, teachers, service providers, and program administrators across the state and nation. Expanding our capacity to provide training and support for professionals in the field will enable them to better serve all the children in their care, thus enhancing the development and well-being of vulnerable populations.

    Building a new workforce development program would expand on our highly successful National Early Childhood Inclusion Institute and Summer Institute on Implementation Science and amplify our efforts to promote evidence-based practice. Designing innovative platforms for disseminating knowledge through free, online training modules and resources is a cornerstone of our outreach strategy. Areas of expertise include autism, early learning environments, literacy, mindfulness, self-regulation, and services for children with disabilities.

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