Funding Priority

Fund Access Regardless of
Ability to Pay

We will work to ensure children from low-wealth, low-resource schools and areas continue to have access to Morehead. To spark a passion for STEM in young students, now and next, we will help schools champion science. An accessibility program will be an even more permanent part of Morehead's culture than it is now.

Morehead Planetarium and Science Center

    A Summer-ful of Science

    Just because school is out doesn’t mean that kids should stop learning.

    Thanks to generous funders such as GlaxoSmithKline Pharmaceuticals and its Science in the Summer program, Morehead can fill that gap. Science in the Summer serves up science for free to 3,000 or so elementary school children in North Carolina communities.

    Children explore science through themes such as, “The Science of Sports,” building models of equipment and examining topics such as nutrition and lung capacity. We hope to keep these young minds curious and nimble, while instilling in them a lifetime love of learning. Your support will enable us to reach out to even more students across the state, guiding them in the exploration of their worlds through the lens of STEM.


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    Only a Spark

    “The support for the initiative is overwhelming. The school board, school system, teachers, and the parents are all engaged and committed.”


    Where Early Space Journeys Began

    “When you walk into our planetarium, you’re walking in the footsteps of men who walked on the moon.”


    Look to the Stars

    The night sky has much to teach us beyond astronomy; it can lend perspective on how early humans grappled with a universe beyond their comprehension – but not necessarily their imaginations.


    A Summer-ful of Science

    Just because school is out doesn’t mean that kids should stop learning.

    Student Support

    An Education Beyond the Classroom

    We know that Carolina students can and will have an immeasurable impact on the world.


    A Voice for Advancements

    We've led innovation in science education since opening in 1949.