Funding Priority

Foster Professional Excellence of UNC Library Staff

As new priorities emerge, we must provide mentoring and support for future research librarians. We must administer training and secure innovation grants for the next career librarians and knowledge holders. Because here at Carolina, leaders beget leaders, and go on to impact generations to come.

University Libraries

    Passing Opportunity Forward

    We create an informed, engaged and scholarly citizenry. Every year is an opportunity to provide professional development and growth opportunities for students who are looking to find success in the library sciences.

    The coveted Carolina Academic Library Associates Program (CALA) attracts applicants from across the nation. The CALA provides full tuition, health insurance, mentoring and work assignments within the University Libraries to eight graduate students each year in the UNC School of Information and Library Sciences. This program is a paid, practice-based graduate experience that introduces students to academic librarianship and the culture of the profession. It prepares students directly for their first job in the field.

    By cultivating a close relationship between student and faculty and creating room for students to grow and learn, we can pass the best practices in our field to the next generation of librarians.


    Explore Stories


    Local to worldwide in a couple of clicks

    "Libraries and museums work really hard to preserve that material and we want to give that a boost."


    Painting a fuller portrait of the man off the court

    "It brings more texture to the portrait of one of the most esteemed leaders the University has known..."

    Faculty Support

    Passing Opportunity Forward

    We create an informed, engaged and scholarly citizenry.

    Faculty Support

    History Honored, History Heard

    Chaitra Powell strengthens the special collections library in their quest to document and expand knowledge.

    Global Impact

    A Natural Response to Disasters

    When a 7.8-magnitude earthquake hit Ecuador, Carolina students raced to help those in need.


    A Healthier State

    NCHI provides access to reliable, easy-to-use information about health insurance