Funding Priority

Faculty and Scholarship

The 21st-Century Professoriate is collaborative, creative and committed to serving the people of our state and beyond. They are high-achieving, interdisciplinary scholars pursuing high-potential, high-reward research with a global reach.

Campaign Funding Priorities

Faculty and Scholarship Funding Priorities

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Leading the Fight of Emerging Diseases

Making “one bug, one drug” a thing of the past

Faculty Support

A Shaper of Young Minds

“She doesn’t just help these young people to be smarter...”


Balancing Life

“For me, life is all about balance...”

Student Support

Silicon Valley Internships

“We have a close community of UNC alumni…”

Faculty Support

Turning Creative Dreams Into Workroom Realities

“It is the living definition of a blank canvas...”


Building A Real Estate Program

“Dave has built an amazingly close-knit community...”


Transforming Carolina, Transforming the Natural World

“All the trees had been bulldozed to clear the way for development...”


Only Forward

"There is no way back in sustainability, only forward.”  


Training for Mental Health at Carolina

"The training addresses issues that are not talked about but practically everyone deals with..."