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Faculty and Scholarship

The 21st-Century Professoriate is collaborative, creative and committed to serving the people of our state and beyond. They are high-achieving, interdisciplinary scholars pursuing high-potential, high-reward research with a global reach.

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Faculty and Scholarship Funding Priorities

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Closing the Gap

"In my culture, we don't advertise going to therapy. It's not something we talk about"


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Rachel Schaevitz is launching new collaborations to serve North Carolina.


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Archaeology is everywhere.


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Faculty Support

Cutting-edge dental surgery for the U.S.

“We’re able to take this innovative technique that’s great for patients... and serving a community that needs it.”


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When most people hear the word “popular” they think about their time in high school...


A Legend Immortalized

“It may be my name on the court, but it really honors all of them…”


It Begins at Carolina

“This is the stage where the first time in my life I was ever in a play.”

Faculty Support

The Power of Education

Prior to graduating high school, Antonio Bush didn’t even know what a doctorate was.