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Experiential Education and Global Perspectives

We foster a broader understanding of the world through a deep commitment to “learning by doing.” Our curriculum includes experiences that stretch students’ understandings and build upon their reflections, such as study-abroad programs, practice theory and internships that strengthen competencies and expand multi-cultural perspectives. With these forward-leaning practices, our research advances and our impact expands.

UNC School of Education

    Expanding the Bounds

    Faculty at the School of Education are expanding the boundaries of education. They have launched initiatives to extend their students’ understandings of the world, deepen their cultural competencies and learn how to build upon reflections of their experiences. Cheryl Mason Bolick is one of our faculty members working to infuse experiential education into our academic programs. She works with the North Carolina Outward Bound School to incorporate wilderness experiences – and reflection upon them – into our Master’s for Experienced Teachers program. NCOBS teachers frequently come to Chapel Hill to demonstrate to undergraduate students the power of learning from doing.

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