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Environmental Research Ventures

Support for multi-disciplinary collaboration among top experts is critical to take on ground-breaking higher-risk research into emerging environmental issues that need early data to establish traction. To achieve this we need to create an Environmental Venture Fund. The fund will also provide support for an innovation program to support emerging needs, tools and ideas that advance our mission across all areas of study, ultimately broadening our impact. In addition, this fund will support programming for the UNC Clean Tech Summit.

UNC Institute for the Environment

    Innovation for a Sustainable Future

    Many economic benefits come to regions and countries that address environmental challenges in sustainable ways. One way the UNC Institute for the Environment is helping our state’s economy in this arena is through the UNC Clean Tech Summit.

    The UNC Institute for the Environment partnered with UNC Kenan-Flagler Business School’s Center for Sustainable Enterprise, Strata Solar and the Research Triangle Cleantech Cluster to launch the first summit in 2014. Today the annual summit attracts more than 1,000 people from industry, academia and state government to discuss North Carolina’s clean tech industry. The summit ignites innovation and collaboration across the state and extends our mission to solve critical environmental issues.

    The collaborations fostered during the UNC Clean Tech Summit are remarkable. We have developed mutually beneficial relationships between universities, industry, government and others to strengthen the clean technology industry in North Carolina and green the global economy. The 2017 summit focused on developing public-private partnerships to advance clean technology in the region and position the state as a leader in the field. N.C. Governor Roy Cooper’s keynote address at the 2017 summit drew the attention of prominent companies across the country.

    North Carolina’s solar industry attests to clean tech’s potential. The state is currently ranked second in the nation for cumulative solar electric capacity according to the Solar Energies Industries Association, with nearly 250 solar companies in the state. The technology is here, and together, we can generate new ways of tackling our most pressing environmental issues.


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