Funding Priority

Engage Scientists

To make STEM fields more approachable, we will expand our training programs that teach university researchers – both students and faculty – how to effectively translate and share their work in ways laypeople of all ages can understand and embrace. Through exhibits, shows and programs, researchers will then provide enrichment experiences that reach school children, as well as general North Carolina audiences.

Morehead Planetarium and Science Center

    Wearable Robotics

    Millions of people around the world have limited mobility or limb loss; can wearable robotics help them to move more freely and to more fully function in their lives? Biomedical engineers at Carolina believe the answer is a resounding “Yes!” They are working at the cutting edge of the human-machine interface. Relying on the human body’s own brain signals, these wearable robotics help people with disabilities walk, climb and even carry things. This exhibit invites visitors to test-drive a robotic limb and meet the makers behind these intriguing devices.


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    Explore Stories

    Morehead Science Center

    Seeing More Stars

    New projection system revamps the Morehead Planetarium

    Kids in a classroom complete science-related crafts

    Summer of Science

    Bringing engaging, informative science education to students across the state


    Only a Spark

    “The support for the initiative is overwhelming. The school board, school system, teachers, and the parents are all engaged and committed.”


    Where Early Space Journeys Began

    “When you walk into our planetarium, you’re walking in the footsteps of men who walked on the moon.”


    Look to the Stars

    The night sky has much to teach us beyond astronomy; it can lend perspective on how early humans grappled with a universe beyond their comprehension – but not necessarily their imaginations.


    A Summer-ful of Science

    Just because school is out doesn’t mean that kids should stop learning.