Funding Priority


Some of our most popular and effective destinations, such as Coker Arboretum, Battle Park and the Mason Farm Biological Reserve, would not be possible without their supporting endowments. Endowments allow us to increase our impact around key areas such as general garden support and nearly a dozen internships, and help provide funds for important programs and campus treasures.

NC Botanical Garden

    Turning A Campus into A Natural Classroom

    Our mission begins here at home, every single day, on the grounds in Chapel Hill. Walking across campus, on any given route, you’re sure to run across a garden bed full of edible, medicinal and pollinator-friendly plants. Our Edible Campus Initiative creates working landscapes that foster student engagement and promote dialogue about food and agriculture. On their way to and from classes, students are free to forage for healthy bites in the nearest garden. The Carolina Campus Community Garden, which is maintained by volunteers, provides both educational opportunities for students and fresh produce for lower-income workers. And in the heart of campus, Battle Park and Coker Arboretum give everyone places to experience the restorative power of the natural world.

    For us, this is not just a campus; it is a laboratory without walls and an opportunity to engage with students and staff, encouraging them to make conservation and sustainability a part of their daily lives.