Funding Priority

Empowering Achievement and Excellence

The UNC Nutrition Research Institute (UNC NRI) is revolutionizing Precision Nutrition and nutrigenomics by bringing together the best minds in nutrition science. The institute's capacity for ground-breaking innovation and impact rests entirely with the caliber of our esteemed faculty.

UNC Nutrition Research Institute

    Endowed Distinguished Professorship Fund

    Our faculty’s teaching, research and service epitomize Carolina’s commitment to professional excellence, and make our esteemed colleagues targets for other universities as well as government and private employers. UNC NRI must be able to compete for — and retain — the very best faculty in nutrition science and in order to do this, we must offer endowed professorships.

    Wife and husband research team Natalia Krupenko, Ph.D., and Sergey Krupenko, Ph.D., are an example of the pivotal role our faculty play in the study of disease prevention and treatment. Their work explores the role of vitamin folate in cancer. They seek to understand how we can fight cancer by controlling diet and nutrient supplements, and the adverse effects of over-supplementation, particularly with folate. By identifying how low folate can enhance our natural anti-cancer response, we gain new therapeutic targets that could possibly be exploited in future drug development efforts.

    At UNC Nutrition Research Institute, our faculty aims to improve human health and wellness at every stage of life. With your support, we can.

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