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Educational Improvement at Scale

Fueled by Carolina’s broad expertise in Improvement Science, the UNC School of Education is launching the interdisciplinary Carolina Improvement Science Initiative. In a strategic, campus-wide effort, we will work with school districts, hospitals, public health departments and social service organizations to extend the benefits of our research-practice partnerships. With your help, we can address critical problems in our field and develop integrated programs for our students.

UNC School of Education

    Scaling Up by Reaching Out

    For some students, significant gaps still exist in their education, limiting graduation and access to college. With the help of our leaders, we are striving to lessen this gap, and make actionable change for good. The more we focus in on the systems that need work, the more impact we can spread outward. The National Center for Research and Development on Scaling Up Effective Schools works to help schools incorporate the best instructional and governance practices, and Carolina’s Lora Cohen-Vogel is one of its leaders. She identifies programs, policies and technologies that increase successful outcomes for traditionally underperforming student populations. The center works with schools across the country to implement these practices for the benefit of student success. Researchers, developers, and practitioners are involved throughout each phase of the model that was built by the center. This collaboration ensures that we not only meet the needs of each district, but keep success sustainable.

    When we work within the unique circumstances and goals of each district, we can assess the systems that need our help most. With these new innovative models, we’re changing the course of students’ lives across the country.


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