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Education Data Sciences

Building on the strength of our internationally known scholars, we are working to expand the capacity of the School to utilize the immense powers of the emerging fields of big data, data mining, and data analytics to transform educational measurement, assessment, and evaluation for the 21st century.

UNC School of Education

    The School of Education boasts a small but internationally known cohort of data, measurement, and implementation scholars who, with additional capacity and support, can scale their expertise to all of Carolina. Data collected must be data used, and UNC is well-positioned to lead a critical transformation of how institutions of higher education learn about themselves, their students, and their effects upon the world. One of our data-driven scholars is Gregory Cizek, a leading expert on the use of data in education, having written more than 200 books, chapters, articles and reports on topics such as testing, program evaluation, research methods and applied psychometrics.


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    Carolina Covenant Scholar Lindsay Corbett poses outside on UNC's campus.
    Student Support

    Building a Family of Scholars

    While Lindsay Corbett is busy serving communities, she’s also instrumental in building community as chair of the Carolina Covenant Student Advisory Council.

    Carolina Covenant Scholar Matthew Wood runs the steps at the football stadium at UNC-Chapel Hill.
    Student Support

    Graduating debt-free? ‘That’s crazy!’

    Thanks to the Carolina Covenant, "I get to attend one of the most prestigious universities in the country, and I’m going to graduate debt-free. That’s crazy!”

    Chris Needham smiling portrait. 

    Promoting Equitable Education

    Student and Faculty team win awards for education finance research

    Carolina alumnus Will Jung conducts an orchestra.
    Global Impact

    Bridging Music and Language

    A Carolina alumnus applies his experience with Chinese folk music to the UNC World View Fellows Program, providing K-12 and community college educators with global professional development opportunities.

    School of Education

    Transforming Education

    Preparing students to solve problems in any field

    Elaine Townsend Utin and Ricky Hurtado

    Creating Opportunities

    “An education system in North Carolina that truly serves everyone … ”