Funding Priority

Creativity for All

Unless a student chooses an academic path in the arts, universities are generally not equipped to provide meaningful and ongoing programs for art-based creativity projects and inspiration. For more than 200 years, we at Carolina have kept the liberal arts education at the very core of the student experience because we believe this broad foundation yields a more well-rounded and real-world-ready adult. The same is true for exposure to and opportunities in the arts. With this philosophy in mind, we will support and expand thought-provoking arts programming to strengthen creativity and critical thinking among all students and faculty as well as in our community.

Innovate and Impact

    State of the Arts

    “By adding a comprehensive creative dimension to its teaching, research and public service missions, Carolina is poised to be a national leader in transforming the 21st-century liberal arts education.” — Emil Kang, Special Assistant to the Chancellor for the Arts

    Creativity and innovation come from thinking about problems and connecting ideas in new ways, drawing from a rich background of diverse experiences, from science, from history and from the arts. This thinking fuels Chancellor Folt’s new initiative: Arts Everywhere.

    No matter what a student studies, art and artistic expression will be essential to their education. We empower arts programs to enrich every corner of campus and make sure creative thought informs every student’s education.

    On any given day, arts opportunities abound — from plays to concerts to open studios, and we’ve developed an app to let students know where art is happening. A new Intramural Arts initiative enables any student to try out any art form, regardless of skill level.

    Arts are more than just an integral part of the educational experience; they move society forward by inspiring creativity and innovation. At Carolina, we’re making them indispensable.


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