Funding Priority

Create Library Spaces that Support New Styles of Learning and Inquiry

Ideas, when nurtured, can reach further than ever imagined. Only by expanding interdisciplinary collaboration and research space can we support new methods of teaching and learning. From building design labs to accommodating additional resource materials, we will create space to foster ideas and bring them to fruition.

University Libraries

    The Library Laboratory

    We serve every student and scholar. We support every project, touch every discipline and inspire every breakthrough. Whether it’s testing, creating, conducting, or presenting and publishing, we’re there to help complete each phase of the research lifecycle. We expand our students’ minds in not just one subject area, but all of them. And that is why we are so passionate in helping every single person who seeks what’s next.

    First, we guide students to our Research Hubs, where welcoming, technology-rich environments ignite minds and inspire in-depth exploration. We’re redefining the role of the modern campus librarian, who now must possess specific skills to tailor services to their many constituencies. We train students in the latest design software and integrate new digital methods into their work. We hold campus events showcasing faculty and student activities to connect and grow together in our ideas. From beginning to end, the Research Hubs play a central role in the life of any project.


    More University Library Funding Priorities

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    The gift of wonder: Rare book collection coming to Carolina

    Rare book collection worth $6.2 million donated to the University Libraries

    Global Impact

    Spreading Coronavirus Research

    The research of Carolina’s top coronavirus efforts is now easily accessible online.

    Student Support

    Stories to Save Lives

    “Our discussions…have never felt more important than they do right now.”

    Howard holsenbeck

    Gift to the Future

    "Charitable planning for the future is important to me, and it should be for everybody."

    Carolina 225

    Fifty Years of Firsts at the Undergraduate Library

    When the R.B. House Undergraduate Library opened in 1968, it was the first time that Carolina undergraduates were allowed into library stacks anywhere on campus.

    Carolina 225

    I Was Here. Don’t Forget Me.

    "‘I was here; don’t forget me.’ That’s it. That’s the role of archives.”