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Carolina Educator Fellows

The Carolina Educator Fellows program prepares teachers, school counselors, educational psychologists, administrators and research-scholars to solve tomorrow’s educational challenges. We recruit and empower the highest-performing students and professionals, building the momentum critical to dismantling barriers and driving the next generation.

UNC School of Education

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    Autism Advice

    Advice on children and young adults with autism

    Student Support

    Diving deep into the science of learning

    Tips on how to stay engaged while learning

    Student Support

    We’re Here for You

    Tips and advice for schooling at home



    "I wanted to be that kind of support for teachers."


    A First for Carolina Women

    Susan Grey Akers became the first female dean at Carolina...

    Carolina 225

    Out of A War Zone, Into Classrooms

    When she volunteered in her son’s first-grade classroom, she saw a pressing need for better ways to teach.