Funding Priority

Capital Projects

As our duty to serve humanity grows alongside our rich abundance of plant life, our physical presence must accommodate our expanding needs. To accomplish this, we will: complete the entryway construction; repair and renovate greenhouse and growing operations; restore the Forest Theatre; convert the Parker property into a nature preserve; complete improvements to Coker Arboretum; and create an interactive Children’s Wonder Garden.

NC Botanical Garden

    Preserving Today. Enriching Tomorrow.

    To deepen our knowledge and understanding of plant life throughout the entire southeastern region, we have set aside 339 of the 1,145 acres of the property under our management as preserved conservation land. In addition, the 367 acre Mason Farm Biological Reserve is managed for the study and propagation of both rare and common plant species. What our botanical scientists and researchers learn here every day helps generate a greater public awareness of our native flora and the urgent need to preserve biodiversity, today and for generations to come.


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    Student Support

    Appreciating Conservation Efforts

    Two Carolina undergraduates receive Bell Awards


    Green and growing

    "... to have such a beautiful and serene place to enjoy ... makes this the perfect place to live."


    Fifty years in bloom

    The North Carolina Botanical Garden's first paid employee continues to serve the gardens nearly five decades later.


    Free to Wonder

    “There’s magic in sprouting a seed. For kids to be a part of that, there’s … hope there.”


    Edible Campus

    "There is no reason these beautiful surroundings can’t be educational as well."