Funding Priority

Build an Interdisciplinary Community of Scientists

We foster the collaborative engagement of scientists across disciplines to address complex challenges facing children and families. Our interdisciplinary approach also prepares the next generation of scholars and scientists to work effectively with diverse partners and stakeholders. We learn from one another — integrating basic science with developmental science with implementation science. Funding for new fellowships and expanded training opportunities will enhance our learning community.

UNC Frank Porter Graham Child Development Institute

    Creating endowments will enable us to attract and retain extraordinary social science researchers—particularly, underrepresented minorities and scholars who are leaders in high-impact focus areas. Likewise, creating an interdisciplinary fellowship program for early career scientists will support the development of the next generation of world-class researchers, expand our collaborative network, and enhance our reputation as a leader in the field.

    To better engage with the campus community and promote interdisciplinary research focused on children and families, FPG wishes to increase its capacity to sponsor conversations with thought leaders and high-impact scholars. This includes both highly visible annual events as well as an ongoing lecture series to highlight critical issues and themes aligned with FPG’s strategic priorities.

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