Funding Priority

Build A Bridge Between Cultures

The vision for the UNC American Indian Center is to establish the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill as a leading public university for American Indian scholarship and scholars and make Native issues a permanent part of the intellectual life of the University.

By bridging the richness of American Indian cultures with the strengths of Carolina’s research, education and service, the UNC American Indian CenterOpens in new window focuses on four areas of engagement:

Engaged Scholarship
Engaging scholarship outside the classroom. Our key program for this area of engagement is the Michael D. Green Lecture in American Indian Studies. We also offer various internships & independent study opportunities.

Native Community Engagement
Providing public service to Native communities. Specific initiatives include Healthy Native North Carolinians, the NC Native Asset Coalition, and the NC Native Leadership Institute.

Student Engagement
Contributing to student personal development. Specifically, we offer our Ambassadors Program as well as programming for our Native Pathways to Professional Disciplines series.

Campus Community Engagement
Providing information, education and service to the Carolina Campus Community. Programming includes the Welcome Extravaganza, Elder in Residence, American Indian Heritage Month and various Inclusion and Awareness Trainings.

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