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Arts Everywhere

Arts Everywhere is rooted in the fundamental belief that the arts are for everyone. They prompt us to see the world with new eyes, to solve problems in non-linear ways, ask difficult questions, access creativity and think unconventionally. With every arts-related department and unit participating, Arts Everywhere aims to embed creative expression, live arts experiences and arts learning into students’ Carolina education.

Signature Initiatives

The arts are for everyone.

Every space can be a creative space.

The arts create and share new meaning.

Curiosity and discovery enrich daily life.

These are the principles behind Carolina’s first combined arts campaign, Arts Everywhere, which has the audacious goal of opening the arts to every student and making the entire campus a setting for artistic performance and participation. Through Arts Everywhere’s ubiquitous presence, from quads to residence halls to research labs, Carolina celebrates the multifaceted power of the arts to illuminate the human condition, to allow for reflection, to promote dialogue and to provoke action.

Arts Everywhere is rooted in the fundamental belief that the arts are for everyone. Regardless of skill level or background, students are encouraged to take part in the creative process and to explore the full range of the visual, performing and literary arts. As part of this promise, Arts Everywhere reimagines diverse campus spaces as creative hubs. Arts Everywhere also supports innovative curricula that span artistic disciplines; improves the overall quality of Carolina’s arts programs by recruiting and retaining the finest faculty, students and visiting artists to Chapel Hill; strengthens connections with the community; and creates a sustainable level of excellence in classrooms, practice rooms and studios across campus.

Every arts-related department and unit is participating: the Ackland Art Museum; Carolina Performing Arts; the departments of art & art history, communication, dramatic art, and music; the Institute for Arts and Humanities; PlayMakers Repertory Company; the Sonja Haynes Stone Center for Black Culture and History; and the Arts Venture Fund.

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