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A Global Mindset

We believe that to be a preeminent university, global thinking must be integrated into all we do. Global opportunities fuel our students’ lives, our faculty’s research and our innovative spirit. A global education can no longer simply be an option – it must be integral to every student’s experience. We want to offer a Global Guarantee – a guarantee that every Carolina student will graduate with the skills and experience needed to be engaged global citizens.

Signature Initiatives

    Carolina’s Global Guarantee

    There has never been more opportunity — or more need — to work across cultures to find solutions to global problems. Carolina aims to ensure that all students — even those who never travel abroad while at UNC — receive a substantive combination of knowledge, experiences and skills to be engaged and dynamic global citizens. The University further aims to infuse a global dimension throughout its teaching, research and service activities, to deepen and broaden UNC’s global reach, and to enhance its global visibility. Already hailed as one of the country’s leading universities for global enrichment, Carolina aspires to provide the most diverse and innovative global learning opportunities anywhere.

    Bringing The World To Carolina

    Your gifts help turn global possibilities into real-world opportunities for students. From study abroad to internships, research to seminars, Carolina students have been making an impact in North Carolina and all over the world.

    Becoming A Global University

    Carolina is a leading global university that prepares students for life in an interconnected world, helps North Carolina and the nation succeed in a global economy, and addresses pressing international problems through teaching and collaborative research among UNC-Chapel Hill faculty experts and students, and their partners around the world.

    of undergraduates study abroad

    countries Carolina students study abroad in

    among global universities in 2018 rankings

    strategic University partnerships around the world

    National Resource
    Centers for area studies on campus

    Fulbright Student Program awards earned to fund international experiences

    Global Partners

    UNC-Chapel Hill has partnerships with more than 325 institutions around the world, making it possible to train physicians to provide clinical care in Malawi, enable researchers to address challenges facing an archipelago and open doors for students to study history and business in countries as diverse as the United Kingdom and China.

    Support A Global Mindset

    Your support for the Chancellor's Global Education Fund will give University leaders the flexibility to provide funding to students, faculty and programs supporting Carolina’s top global priorities.

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