Funding Priority

A Compellingly Beautiful and Richly Informative Garden

To ensure that we continue fulfilling our mission, we will engage the most experienced and qualified planning experts and landscape architects to develop a comprehensive site plan and implementation strategy to create the most beautiful and informative public garden in the southeastern United States.

NC Botanical Garden
    Detail of native seeds named (_Lindera benzoin_) at the North Carolina Botanical Garden on June 26, 2017, in Chapel Hill. (Johnny Andrews/UNC-Chapel Hill)

    Deepening our Roots, Extending our Reach.

    Botany, one of the oldest natural sciences, continues to break new ground. Each year, approximately 2,000 new plant species are discovered and classified.

    At our internationally renowned Herbarium, researchers are continually investigating new species and expanding our understanding of biodiversity and how it affects every aspect of daily life—from health and recreation to economic issues and governmental policy.

    Through the Botanical Capacity Initiative, we are casting our view even further, to encompass issues of global concern—from climate change, sustainability and food security to the conservation of ecosystems and the preservation of species. As part of the initiative, we are marshaling resources from across the University by coordinating existing collections, expanding research programs and increasing funding efforts. We continue to provide courses and research opportunities to undergraduate and graduate students and forge partnerships with other research and educational institutions. As a leading center of botanical science, we will answer the call to address some of the greatest environmental challenges of our time.


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    Student Support

    Appreciating Conservation Efforts

    Two Carolina undergraduates receive Bell Awards


    Green and growing

    "... to have such a beautiful and serene place to enjoy ... makes this the perfect place to live."


    Fifty years in bloom

    The North Carolina Botanical Garden's first paid employee continues to serve the gardens nearly five decades later.


    Free to Wonder

    “There’s magic in sprouting a seed. For kids to be a part of that, there’s … hope there.”


    Edible Campus

    "There is no reason these beautiful surroundings can’t be educational as well."