Forever Blue

For a limited time, donors can take advantage of Forever Blue, a matching gift program that will increase the value of gifts supporting need-based undergraduate scholarships by as much as $500,000.

Increase Your Gift’s Impact

The Forever Blue matching gift program for need-based undergraduate scholarships enables donors to leverage additional funding provided by a private donor as a part of their giving. The program also enhances the amount of principal in donor-created endowment funds and keeps the matching funds working for years to come rather than being spent in one current-year payment.

Commitments can support any named need-based undergraduate scholarship, including the Carolina Covenant, Blue Sky and Chapel Hill scholarships. The match is:

    • 50% for a commitment of $500,000 or more ($500,000 maximum match per donor)
    • 25% for a commitment of $100,000–$499,999

To be eligible for the match, pledges must be completed in no more than five years, with the match applied once the pledge is fulfilled. Deferred gifts are excluded from eligibility. The program will remain in place until the matching funds are depleted. Matches are contingent on the availability of funding.

Additional details:

    • Corporate matching gifts are permitted to count as part of a donor’s commitment and to be included in calculations toward the Forever Blue match eligibility.
    • Donor is recognized for total value of gift, any matching corporate matching gift and the Forever Blue match.

To learn more or to get started with a Forever Blue matching gift, please reach out to the Office of Scholarships and Student Aid at [email protected] or 919.445.0933.