Technology: Accelerating Academic and Research Pursuits

The world moves faster than ever, and education must do more than keep up; but help lead the way. That's why Carolina is changing the learning landscape through emerging technologies. The world-class universities of the future look nothing like they do now; it is imperative to maximize technology use to link intellectual experiences with emotional ones to have the greatest impact on students' educations, and their lives.

    Technology Funding Priorities

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    Paloma Ruiz on porch
    Student Support

    Writing Her Own Future

    Chancellor’s Science Scholar Paloma Ruiz ’22 balances academic achievement, cutting-edge research, creative pursuits and campus leadership as she launches her career as a scientist.

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    Student Support

    Leading the Next Generation of Computer Scientists

    Chancellor's Science Scholar Nihar Vaidya ’23 explores the intersection of computer science and neuroscience.

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    Improving Patient Care

    FDA clears new 3D dental x-ray device based on UNC research.

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    Student Support

    Pursuing a Passion

    Incoming first-year student aims to take her computer science skills to the next level.

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    Transforming Educational Experiences

    Enhancing artificial intelligence tools for a more equitable, inclusive classroom experience.


    Small Patients, Small Doses

    Bringing safety and assurance that currently doesn’t exist