Technology: Accelerating Academic and Research Pursuits

The world moves faster than ever, and education must do more than keep up; but help lead the way. That's why Carolina is changing the learning landscape through emerging technologies. The world-class universities of the future look nothing like they do now; it is imperative to maximize technology use to link intellectual experiences with emotional ones to have the greatest impact on students' educations, and their lives.

    Technology Funding Priorities

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    Enabling a healthier society through data

    Health care informatics can make a real difference in people's lives...


    Building Toward Excellence

    For our 7,000-plus alumni, no building on campus better encapsulates their education than Beard Hall.


    Opening Eyes Can Open Doors

    We are grounded in a responsibility to expand access to information for people throughout the world, promoting informed communities and educated citizens.


    Online, Now in Reach

    The internet grows ever more vital as an information source, and yet it's unavailable to most of the world's population.

    Faculty Support

    A Matter of Facts

    Health information and data can often be dense and hard to understand, meaning that it runs the risk of misinterpretation.

    Faculty Support

    Our Search Never Ends

    It seems like Google can find everything – right up until it can't find what you need.