Technology: Accelerating Academic and Research Pursuits

The world moves faster than ever, and education must do more than keep up; but help lead the way. That's why Carolina is changing the learning landscape through emerging technologies. The world-class universities of the future look nothing like they do now; it is imperative to maximize technology use to link intellectual experiences with emotional ones to have the greatest impact on students' educations, and their lives.

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    Analyzing Artificial Intelligence

    New lab will understand how to integrate AI into operations management

    A student uses a 3D printer

    BeAMing Up to the Cloud

    New operating system will allow students to 3D print from anywhere

    Weimer and Newhall stand together

    Improving Organ Transplantation

    Faculty combine expertise to improve the organ transplantation process with AI

    Manning Hall, the home of the School of Information and Library Science

    Evolving Technology Requires New Solutions

    New center to offer public policy solutions around developing technology

    Sandberg stands with a group of Computer Science students in Hyde Hall

    A Meta Meet-Up

    At a private Meta recruiting event, Carolina students shined.

    Broadcast studio inside the Curtis Media Center, with a desk and large screen to the side like in a professional news studio

    A Place for ‘Dreamers and Believers’

    The Curtis Media Center becomes Carolina's newest building.