Student Support: Giving Rise to Greatness

Carolina is home to some of the world’s most adept and curious minds for a reason: Enabling the best and brightest to shine is vital to our public mission and the nation’s future. Our students stand ready to have an immeasurable effect on the state and the world. But before they can deliver for us, we must deliver for them.

    Student Support Funding Priorities

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    Challenging Preconceptions

    “It clicked for me that Carolina was the place I wanted to be.”


    More Than Just Pushing A button

    “I feel really proud, and I like to put pride into the work I put out.”


    For Something That Had Been Denied

    In 1951, five African-American law school students desegregated the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.


    A Carolina Alumni Network In China

    Carolina’s global alumni presence is particularly strong in China.


    Linking academics, cultures and people

    Carolina’s joint degree program is broadening students’ perspectives.


    Finding An Intellectually Stimulating Environment

    "I really liked the process of trying to understand."