Student Support: Giving Rise to Greatness

Carolina is home to some of the world’s most adept and curious minds for a reason: Enabling the best and brightest to shine is vital to our public mission and the nation’s future. Our students stand ready to have an immeasurable effect on the state and the world. But before they can deliver for us, we must deliver for them.

    Student Support Funding Priorities

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    Jessica Redmond
    Student Support

    The Carolina Covenant comes full circle

    “I wanted to be in a position where I could give back to others.”

    Ashton Martin
    Student Support

    Ashton Martin Elected Student Body President

    “It’s my job to leverage the incredible privilege I’ve been given.”


    Eating Disorders Genetics Initiative: Every Dollar Matters

    “This program literally saved [my daughter’s] life.”

    Jonet Artis, Frank Porter Graham

    Supporting Children and Families

    “I like to think I am doing something ... that will have a true, lasting impact.”


    Going Where The Need Is Greatest

    “I know that I want to do family medicine, and I know that I want to do rural. Everything I need is up here.”

    Student Support

    Investing in People: Forever Blue

    “I want to invest in people, not in stocks and bonds.”