Student Support: Giving Rise to Greatness

Carolina is home to some of the world’s most adept and curious minds for a reason: Enabling the best and brightest to shine is vital to our public mission and the nation’s future. Our students stand ready to have an immeasurable effect on the state and the world. But before they can deliver for us, we must deliver for them.

    Student Support Funding Priorities

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    Student Support

    Positioned To Succeed

    "Genna’s hard work has positioned her to succeed; Carolina is making it happen.”


    A Transformative Gift To Support Military Families

    “Too often, we forget the many sacrifices made by the families of the military and we hope this program will, in some small way, say thank you to those families.”

    Student Support

    Owning This Place

    "When I zip up the gown and put on my cap, I'm going to feel like I own this place."

    Student Support

    Walking Together

    "I want people to know how incredible this department is..."

    Student Support

    The Confidence to Succeed

    "It has given me the confidence about what I can be thrown into and then come out of."


    An Investment In People

    "This is an opportunity for us to continue our work investing in excellent education for the benefit of the entire state."