Student Support: Giving Rise to Greatness

Carolina is home to some of the world’s most adept and curious minds for a reason: Enabling the best and brightest to shine is vital to our public mission and the nation’s future. Our students stand ready to have an immeasurable effect on the state and the world. But before they can deliver for us, we must deliver for them.

    Student Support Funding Priorities

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    Student Support

    Life … On Hold

    “To be cared for by such a large institution … is such a gift.”

    Student Support

    A Packed College Career

    Pushing through challenges and embracing new opportunities

    Student Support

    Creating a home at Carolina

    Overcoming challenges to create a home

    Student Support

    Bridging Scholarship Gaps

    Flexible funding allows Carolina to reward and retain exceptional students.

    Student Support

    Journaling into History

    Recording daily life during the COVID-19 pandemic

    Student Support

    Pivoting to Address Current Issues

    My students will be “minoring in grit by the end of the semester.”