Sciences: Seeking Positively Disruptive Change

The most successful universities use their expertise to better society. Poised to lead the way in translating theoretical knowledge into real-world solutions for some of the world's biggest problems, Carolina is building the groundwork to move interidisciplinary innovation forward. By bringing faculty and students together in a collaborative environment that connects life and social sciences with health and biomedical sciences, we will deliver those solutions to more people, faster.

    Sciences Funding Priorities

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    A Home in the Sciences

    In the University’s first new science department in 40 years, Ryan Fox’s nanocomposite research has major applications.

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    Educating the Next Generation of Doctors

    Carolina is a leader in medical education, and with a new building this standard will continue to flourish.


    Pioneering A Solution To Water Scarcity

    What if nanotechnology could be used to extract minerals from water so effectively that mining became obsolete?

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    200 Years of Carolina Chemists

    Carolina's Chemistry department celebrates its 200th anniversary this year.


    Where Early Space Journeys Began

    “When you walk into our planetarium, you’re walking in the footsteps of men who walked on the moon.”


    Making ‘NO’ the Optimistic Answer

    UNC-Chapel Hill Inventor of the Year Award recipient Mark Schoenfisch