Sciences: Seeking Positively Disruptive Change

The most successful universities use their expertise to better society. Poised to lead the way in translating theoretical knowledge into real-world solutions for some of the world's biggest problems, Carolina is building the groundwork to move interidisciplinary innovation forward. By bringing faculty and students together in a collaborative environment that connects life and social sciences with health and biomedical sciences, we will deliver those solutions to more people, faster.

    Sciences Funding Priorities

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    Dean Barbara Rimer

    Leading Public Health Into The 21st Century

    “We are training the next generation of public health leaders..."


    Challenging Preconceptions

    “It clicked for me that Carolina was the place I wanted to be.”

    Faculty Support

    Where She Needed To Be

    "It was the right thing to do, and I felt that calling to help people around the world.”


    More Than Just Pushing A button

    “I feel really proud, and I like to put pride into the work I put out.”


    Solving Water Shortages

    The world is facing an unprecedented water crisis. Only half of households can access water at home.

    Student Support

    The Boldest Goal

    "Our intention is to give our students the edge they need..."