Research: The Relentless Pursuit of a Better World

From the bench to the bedside, Carolina's research enterprise is among the nation's most prolific. Having made extraordinary advances in fields such as biomedical engineering, cancer and big data, the University has become a worldwide leader among premier research universities for discoveries and contributions that improve quality of life for all.

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    A Home in the Sciences

    In the University’s first new science department in 40 years, Ryan Fox’s nanocomposite research has major applications.


    Collaborating To Benefit The Greater Good

    For more than 40 years — half of those at Carolina — Greg Forest, the Grant Dahlstrom Distinguished Professor of Mathematics, has generously shared his mathematical expertise with those around him. He’s studied lung function, the effects of antibodies on viruses, and polymers, to name only a few areas.


    Pioneering A Solution To Water Scarcity

    What if nanotechnology could be used to extract minerals from water so effectively that mining became obsolete?