Leadership: A Carolina State of Mind

Carolina is a critical resource for North Carolina and beyond with a deep commitment to serving the public. Not only do we train leaders for local, regional, national and global roles, we also serve in those capacities. From Main Street to Wall Street to our nation's capital and everywhere in between, Carolina helps inform policy and effect change that helps lead to more vibrant and prosperous communities to improve lives near and far.

    Leadership Funding Priorities

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    A vision for diversity and inclusivity

    For more than 20 years, he has helped drive Carolina’s work in diversity...


    Answering The Call For Future Leaders

    "These are our next leaders and thinkers..."


    Spreading Compassion at Carolina

    "I don't like to let people down."


    ‘After 200 years, I was it.’

    "It was never an issue — that this was a woman or a man. We just got in there and worked hard..."


    An Investment In People

    "This is an opportunity for us to continue our work investing in excellent education for the benefit of the entire state."

    Student Support

    Success: not just for one, but for all

    Carolina isn’t just about individual success, it’s about success for everyone. In this video, students and faculty share their passions and challenge each of us to find ours.