Law: Legal Professionals Dedicated to Justice and Public Service

Carolina Law prepares outstanding lawyers and leaders for the bar, the bench, all public and private law settings and public service at home and abroad. Home to numerous centers and initiatives, UNC School of Law offers strong expertise in civil rights, banking, environmental law, intellectual property, entrepreneurial and securities law, critical studies, bankruptcy and constitutional inquiry.

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    Charles and Sue Plambeck

    Philanthropy, a Plambeck family affair

    "We cannot take institutions like Carolina and the law school for granted."


    A Gift to Carolina Law, An Investment in North Carolina’s Future

    “Jerry’s generosity will allow Carolina Law to recruit the strongest teachers and students in the country."


    Preserving the Public Spirit of Carolina

    "Maintaining the value of Carolina Law helps attract top talent from all backgrounds, building a legal profession worthy of this great state."


    A Network of Lawyer-Leaders

    Carolina Law alumni knows the quality of a Carolina Law legal education. When grads hire grads, they invest in the legal education of future colleagues.


    Checking the Checks and Balances

    "[This project] will ensure transparency and accountability."


    Specializing in Teaching

    After earning both his undergraduate and law degree at Carolina, Rick Magee ’83 went on to rise high in his firm and then become in-house counsel.