Humanities: Creating Leaders, Leading Creators

The liberal arts cover a breadth and depth of knowledge, enabling students to thrive in any discipline. But at Carolina, they’re more than just a springboard. Thanks to one of the most respected liberal arts research programs in the country, our students discover their life’s passion, and our professors advance their life’s work.

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    Local to worldwide in a couple of clicks

    "Libraries and museums work really hard to preserve that material and we want to give that a boost."


    A giant in his field, a giant in Carolina history

    "...a giant in African-American and diaspora studies."


    Connections To Place And To The Past

    Malinda Maynor Lowery has always felt a deep sense of place...


    Speaking Math

    "The universe is like a massive mountain, and we have to dig in..."


    Painting a fuller portrait of the man off the court

    "It brings more texture to the portrait of one of the most esteemed leaders the University has known..."

    Faculty Support

    Creating Leaders. Leading creators.

    By connecting the faculty’s passions with new and greater purpose, Carolina creates better possibilities for all