Humanities: Creating Leaders, Leading Creators

The liberal arts cover a breadth and depth of knowledge, enabling students to thrive in any discipline. But at Carolina, they’re more than just a springboard. Thanks to one of the most respected liberal arts research programs in the country, our students discover their life’s passion, and our professors advance their life’s work.

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    Student looking through glass instrument

    A Fight Against Time

    Preserving the history of the South

    Archivists Laura, Anna, and Chaitra in a virtual meeting

    On These Grounds

    Piecing together the history of slavery and the University

    Mary leaning against a wall, smiling

    Perfectly Pitched for Success

    Achieving career milestones while maintaining a passion

    Nick standing in front of a building, smiling

    From Chick-Fil-A to ABC

    A journey fueled by hard work and commitment

    Black and white photos, one of two people holding signs in protests and one of a priest sitting in a library

    Algorithms of Resistance

    Using machine-learning to identify historically racist laws

    Christine Mikeska and Ben Arbuckle with an assemblage of bones from an archaeological dig.

    Analyzing Ancient Animal Remains

    Analyzing ancient animal remains shipped across the Atlantic from a partner university, researchers at Carolina are uncovering insights about life in some of civilization’s first cities.