Treating Illness, Promoting Wellness, One Patient at a Time

Innovating and driving transformational change in research, education and practice across the entire life span and health spectrum.

    Health Funding Priorities

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    Student Support

    Healthy Girls Save the World

    “I am constantly thinking about how to develop HGSW into a sustainable and thriving organization.”

    Carolina 225

    Improving the Health of North Carolina and the World

    The health issues faced by North Carolinians — from Murphy to Manteo, in rural areas and metropolitan ones — reflect many of the issues faced by the citizens of the world.

    Carolina 225

    When Weaker is Better

    Professor Sam Lai says this research will lead to greater protection from pathogens such as viruses and bacteria...

    Global Impact

    Long-Lasting Impact

    Currently, a once-daily pill exists to prevent HIV infection...

    Faculty Support

    Good Bowls

    Public service never tasted so good...


    Leading the Fight of Emerging Diseases

    Making “one bug, one drug” a thing of the past