Treating Illness, Promoting Wellness, One Patient at a Time

Innovating and driving transformational change in research, education and practice across the entire life span and health spectrum.

    Health Funding Priorities

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    Dean Barbara Rimer

    Leading Public Health Into The 21st Century

    “We are training the next generation of public health leaders..."

    Faculty Support

    Where She Needed To Be

    "It was the right thing to do, and I felt that calling to help people around the world.”


    Visionary Teacher, Clinician and Leader

    “In an ever-changing world and an ever-evolving field, we remain committed to graduating nimble oral health professionals..."


    Passion. Impact.

    “If you can help one person, it’s worth it.”


    A Carolina Collaboration

    “No other business school has undertaken what we are doing.”


    Make Things Tick

    “You research because you’re curious about what makes things tick.”