Global Impact: Broadening Carolina’s Worldwide Reach

Infusing a global dimension throughout Carolina’s teaching, research and service activities drives the University's international initiatives and programs. Through UNC Global, Carolina aspires to strengthen the University’s worldwide presence by attracting top faculty members and students from around the world; conducting research of global significance; involving an increasing number of students in study abroad and global experiential learning programs; and increasing the breadth and depth of global partnerships.

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    Global Impact

    The Benefits of Being Uncomfortable

    For more than 100 years, Carolina’s Institute for the Study of the Americas (ISA), one of the first educational centers in the United States dedicated exclusively to the study of Latin America, has been dedicated to preparing tomorrow’s leaders.

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    A Global Guarantee

    Carolina is among the nation’s leading institutions for students studying abroad, with 35 percent doing so before graduating. The University offers 400 programs in more than 70 countries.


    Destination: 21st-century Asia

    The 21st century belongs to Asia

    Global Impact

    Carolina to Cristóbal

    "I picked a project that would directly enhance the lives of others..."

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    Going Global

    "Carolina and Tübingen have operated an undergraduate student exchange since 1986, one of the University's longest lasting exchanges"

    Global Impact

    Making A Home

    "I felt I was coming back home and not away from home."