Environment: A Clearer Vision for a Cleaner World

Advancing the world is only possible if it's a clean, sustainable place to live, and preserving the environment is a job for everyone. At Carolina, we are working to create, advance and implement clean technology to help drive economic growth and develop technology breakthroughs supporting water and food security, among other initiatives.

    Environment Funding Priorities

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    Aaron Salzberg

    Changing the Way the World Works on Water

    “UNC has a long history of producing world leaders in water.”


    The Buzz on Campus

    It began nearly two years ago with a cluster of hungry honeybees swirling around a campus trash can...


    Harnessing Seaweed’s Full Potential

    Carolina students are changing the world.


    Solving Water Shortages

    The world is facing an unprecedented water crisis. Only half of households can access water at home.


    Environmental Careers with Impact

    "What I hear from students today is: 'I want a career with impact.'"


    Experiential Education for Future Environmental Leaders

    “This generous gift allows us to invest in the next generation of leaders in the environmental realm by funding transformational professional experiences for Carolina undergraduates,” says Michael Piehler, director of the UNC Institute for the Environment.