Environment: A Clearer Vision for a Cleaner World

Advancing the world is only possible if it's a clean, sustainable place to live, and preserving the environment is a job for everyone. At Carolina, we are working to create, advance and implement clean technology to help drive economic growth and develop technology breakthroughs supporting water and food security, among other initiatives.

    Environment Funding Priorities

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    Nicolas and Jairo with all they need for a successful day – coffee, dogs and their machetes.

    Combining Coffee and Conservation

    REACCT program funds conservation efforts in Galapagos.

    Sarah Torgeson smiling

    Understanding the Human Story

    Carolina Ph.D. candidate researches why people live in disaster-prone regions.

    Tour group looks at NC Botanical Garden
    Student Support

    Appreciating Conservation Efforts

    Two Carolina undergraduates receive Bell Awards

    Noah Kittner Portrait

    Investing in Renewable Energy

    Well-researched investment in renewable energy can improve global equity.


    On the Edge of Discovery

    Carolina Covenant alumna navigates challenges facing North Carolina’s coast.


    A Pillar For Ecosystem Health

    Striving to understand how changing temperatures are impacting ecosystem health through caterpillars.