Environment: A Clearer Vision for a Cleaner World

Advancing the world is only possible if it's a clean, sustainable place to live, and preserving the environment is a job for everyone. At Carolina, we are working to create, advance and implement clean technology to help drive economic growth and develop technology breakthroughs supporting water and food security, among other initiatives.

    Environment Funding Priorities

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    A Clearer Picture of Water

    “It’s really important that we clearly understand where the carbon that we are emitting goes..."


    Taking Environmental Studies to New Heights

    “Michael Piehler’s childhood inspired him to pursue his life’s work in restoring ecosystems in need.”


    One Sip at a Time

    “A combined effort to create conscious change”


    Sealing the Gap

    “...will allow it to [provide] for more people across most of the United States.”


    Transforming Carolina, Transforming the Natural World

    “All the trees had been bulldozed to clear the way for development...”


    An Epic Journey, An Epic Carolina Future

    The McNelises are investing in areas where Carolina excels and that are key foci of the For All Kind: the Campaign for Carolina, the University’s most ambitious fundraising effort ever — faculty, students and research.