Entrepreneurship: Turning Thinkers Into Doers

Championing change, persisting in the face of failure and innovating in the face of barriers to transform ideas into viable ventures.

    Entrepreneurship Funding Priorities

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    Transforming Entrepreneurship

    "The skills of entrepreneurial thinking and problem-solving are a natural fit for the liberal arts."


    Changing Student Mindsets

    “Before the Shuford Program, I wasn’t doing that well academically…”


    Revolutionary Discovery for Drug Development

    “The company was made possible with technology developed at UNC…”

    Student Support

    Silicon Valley Internships

    “We have a close community of UNC alumni…”


    One Sip at a Time

    “A combined effort to create conscious change”

    Blackstone Entrepreneur Network celebration

    Transforming Communities Through Entrepreneurship

    “We have connected the dots by bringing experienced entrepreneurs and their networks together with crackerjack entrepreneurs at our universities who are working on exciting new products and services”